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A New Book about finding the superpower of Quitelligence.

Intelligent Decision Making From Those Who Dared to Quit

We all do it - obsess over what we might lose when we quit that job, relationship or pursuit that's slowly but surely becoming a soul-draining slog. The familiar is confused with comfort. So we white-knuckle it, believing that the grit or grind will help us prevail.

Quitelligence is an emotional study into why we quit, when we should and when we absolutely shouldn't.

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After years of frustration, struggles with addiction, and my mental health, I sat down and began writing down all the reasons why I gave up on something, someone or some situation. I became fanatical about the difficulties we have either letting go or holding on for dear life. It began studying and researching our behaviors and subsequent choices coming up with "Quitelligence" - an exploration of why it's in our nature to quit, when we should, and when we absolutely shouldn't.

Drawing on my own experiences, I hope others will find the alternative to 'Grit' is a powerful 'Quit'! An approach to help find the courage to give up on things that don't serve our goals, while focusing on the things that do. I believe in the balance of the world, the duality of all things, and the opposing perspective that intentional quitting is a superpower to change our lives .

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As a thought leader on the power and art of quitting, James is passionate about empowering people to make bold, transformative changes in pursuit of their truest aspirations. Whether it's walking away from an addiction, ending a toxic relationship, or pivoting from unfulfilling friendships, James believes that strategic quitting is essential for personal growth and success. Through "Quitelligence," he shares his insights on how to recognize when it's time to let go, as well as the tools and mindset needed to transition into a more authentic, rewarding life. By reframing the narrative around quitting, James aims to inspire readers to courageously shed what no longer serves them, opening the door to infinite possibilities.